Home security guide


Here are some tips on securing your home from intruders:



♦Sensor lights are an effective method of deterring intruders as they don’t need to be on all the time but are activated by movement. Lighting should be mounted well out of reach of tampering and, if possible, placed on all sides of your home.


♦ Leave lights on when you go out or install and automatic timer for internal lighting.


 ♦ Don’t leave ladders or wheelie bins outside for extended periods as they can be used to gain entry to your home. Place them in a garage or shed if possible.


 ♦Ensure your external doors are of solid core construction and fit doors with a deadlock or deadbolt but leave the key in the door to allow for emergency escape.















  ♦ Install a quality security door which meets Australian standards. If you do not have a security door, install a peephole.

♦ Fit windows with key operated locks or security grills. Get your locks keyed alike so that one key opens all doors or windows.

♦ If you have an alarm system, ensure it is turned on and serviced regularly.

♦ For smaller items of property, have them engraved or marked for personal identification so they are harder for thieves to sell.

♦ Keep your garage and garden shed locked with quality keyed locks at all times.